Welcome to Camp Washington

We have four organizations that serve the residents, business owners, friends, and, guests of Camp Washington.

The Camp Washington Community Board, Inc. is a development corporation founded in 1975 that specializes in saving, rehabbing, and selling single-family houses in Camp. These houses have been abandoned, foreclosed, or in terrible shape. The community board puts these houses back on line, first by completely renovating the homes, and, then, by finding good homeowners to live in them.

The Camp Washington Community Council was chartered in September 1981. The council is the officially-recognized civic organization by the City of Cincinnati to represent Camp Washington. We provide a public, respectful, open forum for Camp Washington residents and businesses to express concerns, issues, and ideas to make Camp a better place.

The Camp Washington Community School was chartered February 1988. We hold G.E.D. and tutoring classes two nights a week. Our instructor is provided through a contract with Literacy Center West.

The Camp Washington Business Association was re-started in March 2006 (from the original Camp Washington Business Men’s Club, 1909). The business association has seventy (70) paid member companies. It has four goals: business networking, communication, promote safety, and, advocate interests. Much of our business is conducted through monthly luncheons.

Please Donate to the Community Board!

CWCB Make A Difference Letter for web

December 13, 2013

   Make A Difference With Your Year-End Donation Today

Founded in 1975, the Camp Washington Community Board (CWCB) development corporation has helped save, renovate, build, and sell fifty (50) houses for homeownership and ninety (90) apartment units in Camp Washington.

Every house renovation comes with a steep price to the CWCB however:  it costs us about $160,000 to buy and renovate each house; market forces determine that we can sell each house in the $82 – 85,000 price range. This gap is usually filled with sales proceeds, rents, grants, your donations, and proceeds from our affiliate, Mad Max Bingo.  Proceeds from the bingo, which the Board took over from the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of the Police in 1984, have fallen dramatically since the Horseshoe Casino has come to town.  Without your help, the Community Board cannot afford to save houses and grow new homeowners.

Please give to the Camp Washington Community Board so we can continue to make a positive difference.  Camp has the lowest crime rate in District 5, thanks to the cooperation of the CWCB, the Community Council, the continued services of the Community GED School, and the efforts of the Camp Washington Business Association.  You can help continue our work by closing the financial gap of renovating houses, attracting new home owners, and making Camp Washington a great place to live and work.

Any amount you give is fully tax-deductible. Our 501 c 3 tax exempt federal employment I.D. number is 31-0866519.  We guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used for operations, with no administrative fees.  You can help by visiting our Donate button on the web site:  www.camp-washington.org, using secure credit card, or the Paypal account.  Or, simply write a check to Camp Washington Community Board, 2951 Sidney Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225.

Located just west of I-75 at Exit 3 Hopple Street about three miles north of Downtown Cincinnati, Camp Washington is an urban neighborhood known for meat-packing, manufacturing, rail lines, and, of course, chili!  At the height of manufacturing during WWII, Camp provided nearly 42% of the City’s earning taxes. Many of the former giants of industry have closed – Crosley, Kahn’s, Lodge & Shipley’s, Carlton Tool – resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs for the families in Camp. We’ve seen foreclosures, school closing, the displacement of hundreds of families and their homes during the I-75 interstate construction in the early 60’s.  Poverty, disinvestment, and crime were rampant in the mid-seventies.

The Community Board was formed by residents to make a difference and reverse these trends. The Community Board has recently completed its 50th house renovation. The new home owner is pleased of the quality of the house and looks forward to living here.  Call us at (513) 542-1637 to learn more. We will be happy to give you a tour of The Camp; we are proud to make a difference to improve both Camp Washington and the city of Cincinnati.

Thank you,

Paul Rudemiller                                                            Joseph T. Gorman

President                                                                        Community Organizer