Welcome to Camp Washington

We have four organizations that serve the residents, business owners, friends, and, guests of Camp Washington.

The Camp Washington Community Board, Inc. is a development corporation founded in 1975 that specializes in saving, rehabbing, and selling single-family houses in Camp. These houses have been abandoned, foreclosed, or in terrible shape. The community board puts these houses back on line, first by completely renovating the homes, and, then, by finding good homeowners to live in them.

The Camp Washington Community Council was chartered in September 1981. The council is the officially-recognized civic organization by the City of Cincinnati to represent Camp Washington. We provide a public, respectful, open forum for Camp Washington residents and businesses to express concerns, issues, and ideas to make Camp a better place.

The Camp Washington Community School was chartered February 1988. We hold G.E.D. and tutoring classes two nights a week. Our instructor is Anne Skove. We are establishing a Saturday in Camp adult education series in 2015 to offer voice training, writing, and other topics.

The Camp Washington Business Association was re-started in March 2006 (from the original Camp Washington Business Men’s Club, 1909). The business association has seventy (70) paid member companies. It has four goals: business networking, communication, promote safety, and, advocate interests. Much of our business is conducted through monthly luncheons.

We Make a Neighborhood. You Make it Possible.

Season Greetings!

Paul and I want to thank you for all your support and kind words about all the work we do in Camp Washington. Since we lost our United Appeal funds a few years, we have tried other ways to compensate for those lost funds.

We own and operate Mad max Bingo, which has seen a quarter-percent reduction of revenue this year, thanks in part to the Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino (also the Indiana casinos). We are at 100% occupancy of our rental units, which basically break even. We’ve sold two houses this year and have acquired three more vacant houses which will need extensive rehab. A $50,000 City grant used to help rehab the sold houses may be expiring this month, leaving a huge gap to fill. We are actively seeking other building contractors/investors to buy and rehab the newly-acquired houses. We also have a 6-unit apartment building ready to be renovated; this would be a great opportunity for a building contractor who could put people back into this building.

The Community Board celebrates its 40th Anniversary in 2015. Other communities – Sedamsville, Spring Grove Village, CUF, Walnut Hills, to name a few – have actively sought out our advice. Paul started this operation when he was young whippersnapper – now he is a seasoned wizard and others seek his wisdom and guidance to help turn around their neighborhoods by saving one house at a time.

Please consider any amount to donate. Paul and I use every dime that we receive wisely – 100% of the funds that we earn go right back into our operations.

If you ever want to see the fruits of your and our contributions to Camp, we are always willing to give you a special, bird’s-eye tour.

May peace be with you, your family, and, your employees!

As 2014 winds to a close, please help by making an end-of-the-year gift to the Camp Washington Community Board. Donate now or send a check to Friends of CWCB, and
mail to 2951 Sidney, Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45225.

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