Welcome to Camp Washington

We have four organizations that serve the residents, business owners, friends, and, guests of Camp Washington.

The Camp Washington Community Board, Inc. is a development corporation founded in 1975 that specializes in saving, rehabbing, and selling single-family houses in Camp. These houses have been abandoned, foreclosed, or in terrible shape. The community board puts these houses back on line, first by completely renovating the homes, and, then, by finding good homeowners to live in them.

The Camp Washington Community Council was chartered in September 1981. The council is the officially-recognized civic organization by the City of Cincinnati to represent Camp Washington. We provide a public, respectful, open forum for Camp Washington residents and businesses to express concerns, issues, and ideas to make Camp a better place.

The Camp Washington Community School was chartered February 1988. We hold G.E.D. and tutoring classes two nights a week. Our instructor is Anne Skove. We are establishing a Saturday in Camp adult education series in 2015 to offer voice training, writing, and other topics.

The Camp Washington Business Association was re-started in March 2006 (from the original Camp Washington Business Men’s Club, 1909). The business association has seventy (70) paid member companies. It has four goals: business networking, communication, promote safety, and, advocate interests. Much of our business is conducted through monthly luncheons.

Camp Washington Urban Farm

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The Camp Washington Urban Farm began in 2014 at the 2-acre site bounded by Valley Park, River City Correctional Center, Monmouth Bridge and I-75. See our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Camp-Washington-Urban-Farm


Easy eatin’ is hard growin’. We simply need more helpers to keep this farm going. We have tomatoes and peppers growing, and those will be harvested soon for the folks who use the Washington United Church of Christ food pantry. We are losing the battle with weeds, and “soldiers” from the River City Correctional and volunteers like Sam Gorman are slowly getting rid of the weeds. It’s easy to see how a difficult job like farming is only for the hardiest individuals. We must keep in mind why we are attempting to grow fresh produce in our so-called “food desert.” We do not have a grocery store that carries fresh produce so we have to make our own to share.

Camp Washington Urban Farm (CWUF) Donates Harvests
Nearly twenty-five (25) pounds of bok choy and winter lettuce were harvested and delivered to the C.A.I.N. food pantry in Northside. This is simply the first harvest of fresh produce we plan on producing at the 2-acre site behind Valley Park.

A small group of volunteers came together for the Forester Community Grant event, Saturday, November 29, at the CWUF. We hoped to chip and shred trees and branches, but the chipper did not work. We also had a broken chain saw! We did clear a small part of the fence along the I-75 side.

Resident and Forester members Ed and Joyce Smith coordinated the event. We plan on chipping the branches again, probably in early Spring.

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Tom Ewing, from Cincinnati Horse, wrote a nice little bit about our donkeys. See the link below: